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If you want to sign up for more than one of the COVID-19 webinars, save time by clicking here or emailing jo.gower@tritrials. Just let her know which ones you're interested in and she'll do the registration for you.


Integrated Strategic Monitoring Plans

How do you organize your structures, processes, tools and technology to set your trial up for success?

Risk Assessment & Management is a 6-dimensional problem

Clinical trial Risk Management is a multi-dimensional problem. Six dimensions to be exact. That being the case, why do people insist on trying to use a 2-dimensional tool (Excel)?

Reducing the fragility of your clinical portfolio

Lots of people are predicting a recession because of COVID-19, so doing more with less will be the new normal.

Change management & culture - life in the 90% economy

COVID-19 has forced us to do things differently. How do you create lasting change in your culture and your people’s attitudes and ways of working to ensure success?

Safety, quality & efficiency - operational excellence examined

How do you drive operational excellence across your organisation?

Why TRI are the right people to help you transform your clinical trials

When you want and need help, or good advice from experienced people who’ve done it before, who do you chose and why?

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