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High quality GCP and Risk e-learning modules

designed by operational practitioners

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Quick and easy to deploy, these courses are the most cost effective way to get your staff trained and GCP compliant.

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The modern graphic design and easy-to-use interface allows learners to focus on the content.  The animated, friendly and fun approach keeps learners interested and engaged, making learning easy.

The modules can be delivered through your Learning Management System (LMS), or ours. Our LMS tracks who has taken the course, how long they took, the questions they got right (and wrong) and their pass percentage. And it automatically produces a certificate to prove the learner has passed the course. 

And of course, the training is scalable. We can deal with anything from 1 to 100,000 users.

E-learning Module 1 - Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
Learning Objectives
  • Specify the ICH GCP principles that apply to your role

  • Identify key ICH GCP responsibilities for the roles of IRB/IEC, sponsor and investigator

  • Describe the importance of RBQM in clinical trials

Course Content
  • GCP Principles

  • RBQM


  • Sponsor

  • Investigators

  • Essential Documents

  • Summary and Quiz

Short video of GCP e-learning module
E-learning Module 2 - Risk Assessment and Controls
Learning Objectives
  • Define RBQM and its importance in the design and conduct of clinical trials

  • Determine critical data and processes

  • Identify and evaluate risks

  • Establish when to control risks and what to consider in risk controls

Course Content
  • Risk: The basics

  • Critical Variables

  • Identification and evaluation of Risks

  • Risk Controls

  • Summary and Quiz

Short video clip of the Risk Assessment and Control training e-learning module

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