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Intelligent SOFTWARE

for people who care about quality 

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Central monitoring, data visualization, and data drill-down tools you'll love because they make your job so much easier.


Simple software for better, faster decision making.


Built for Central Monitors, but so easy to use that anyone can spot outliers and drill down to find out what's going on in your study at the site and the subject level.

Take data from any source, select the visualization, set your thresholds and away you go. OPRA CM's biggest strength is its flexibility. Show your data, your way, and use it to make better, faster decisions.


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OPRA Central Monitoring Dashboard


Review data at the study or site level

Hover over data points for more details


Create bespoke dashboards



Drill down into companion data for root cause analysis

Choose from over 40 standard visualizations including charts, funnel plots, and heat maps


20240102 New OPRA Logo with CM.png

OPRA CM Benefits

OPRA Central Monitoring Dashboard showing data visualizations including Adverse Events
OPRA Central Monitoring Dashboard with data visualizations
OPRA Central Monitoring Dashboard showing data visualizations
OPRA Central Monitoring data visualization showing Out of range Lab results
OPRA Central Monitoring data visualization showing Key Risk Indicator (KRI) Score Chart
  • Easy to use

  • Take data from any source

  • Select visualizations from libraries

  • Create bespoke dashboards for your studies

  • Quickly identify problems, trends and outliers

  • Drill down into data tables for quick root cause analysis

  • Supports rapid and effective decision making

  • Helps 'tell the story' of your study

  • Full training and on-going support from operational experts

OPRA Central Monitoring data visualization showing BSA score change funnel plot

OPRA CM Features

  • KRI / KPI / QTL / Data table selection

  • Threshold and weightings configuration

  • Risk Overview Review

  • KRI / Site / Patient data review

  • Root cause analysis

  • Observations and Actions tracking

  • Activity review

  • Study and Site level monitoring comments

  • Central Monitoring Reporting

How OPRA CM works

Clinical & Operational

Data Sources

Primary Visualizations

& Data Tables (KRIs/KPIs/QTLs)

Drill down into companion

visualizations and data tables for deeper review and analysis. Enables root causes analysis and investigation into specific quality risk areas.

How OPRA Central Monitoring works including data drill down through primary visualizations and data tables
20240102 New OPRA Logo with CM.png

OPRA CM Dashboards

CM Dashboard v4.PNG
  • Data is aggregated from any clinical and operational data sources to produce study specific dashboards for central review and decision making

  • The data you choose, and how you want that data to be modeled and visualized is totally flexible, based on the needs of the study and the approach of the Sponsor or CRO using the platform

  • Site level data visualizations give insights into quality and performance, allowing individual sites to be compared with country and study summary data

  • Subject level data can be viewed in data tables, allowing sorting, filtering and grouping of data within OPRA or export to Excel

How OPRA delivers end-to-end quality management

How OPRA deliveres end to end RBQM
20240102 New OPRA Logo with CM.png
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