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RBQM Operations 2022 - Presentations from Day 2

RBQM Operations 2022 - Presentations from Day 2

All the presentations from Day 2, including:

"Central monitoring in Early Phases trials" - Nicole Stansbury, BIOTEX Consulting
"How does Central Monitoring differ between Early and later phases?" - Macarena Sahores, TRI
"How do we identify and asses patients at risk?" - Laura Illingworth, TRI
"How do we get to zero SDV?" - Jonathan Rowe, ZS
"Key Considerations for Setting up Studies in Central Monitoring" - Catalina Ortiz, Vertex Pharmaceuticals
"Do you trust the data enough to make a decision?" - Kirsten McAulay, TRI
"What does good Central Monitoring look like in practice?" - Alaine Heffernan, Worldwide Clinical Trials
"Learnings from the WHO Solidarity Trials" - Derk Arts, Castor
"What roles and structures are required for end-to-end quality management?" - Lisa Freeman
"How big is the skills gap and what can you do about it?" - Rosie McKellar, Worldwide Clinical Trials

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