About TRI

TRI is the industry leading provider of Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM) solutions for clinical trials.  Based in Cambridge, UK, and Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, TRI was founded in 2013 by CEO Duncan Hall with the specific aim of making RBQM simple and accessible for all clinical trials. 

Building trust with you in a virtual world

You’re probably thinking “What’s trust got to do with Risk-Based Quality Management?”


The answer is simple. RBQM requires enterprise level change, and that’s not something anyone undertakes lightly.


If you’re going to do it right first time, you need the right partner. A partner you can trust. You don’t do a quick Google search on RBQM software, then click press to buy. If you do, you’ll fail because it’s much more complex than that. Changing to RBQM touches on many parts of a business, including SOPs, training, roles, responsibilities, technology, operations, business models and cost structures.  That’s why you need expert help.

But how do you build trust when  all the ‘old world’ mechanisms of meeting face-to-face, eyeballing someone while they talk, building rapport over coffee or dinner, and shaking hands on a deal have all been taken away?

Well, here are some of the things we’re doing to build trust with people we know, and importantly, those we don’t know (yet).


We’re putting out lots of free content and helpful information such as how to manage risks, how to conduct protocol risk assessments and how to create integrated strategic monitoring plans to improve your clinical trials. For years we’ve been putting on popular free webinars. We’ve just completed a series of nine webinars on how RBQM can improve trials under Covid-19 which attracted nearly 2,000 people.


We also innovate with content such as our ‘5 Minute 5 Questions’ interviews with over 20 senior industry figures from leading organisations. Our operational experts and I are often asked to speak on virtual events such as the SCDM and MCC conferences, and we help with industry thought leadership through activities such as the MCC RBQM workstream. And we also provided our Risk Assessment and Management software free to several companies running COVID trials.

So, what can we at TRI do to build trust with you personally, especially if we’ve never spoken to you before or you’ve never heard of us before looking at this website?


Obviously you can access all of the free content on our website as I mentioned earlier. That will prove to you that we know what we’re talking about and our claim to be “The RBQM Experts” isn’t some idle boast or marketing spin. But put us to the test. Ask us any questions you like and we’ll happily give you a call. There’s no cost for talking 😊 If you want to know what RBQM can do for your trails, we’d be delighted to show you any and all of our products. Indeed, we’re that confident that you’ll love them as much as we do that we’ll happily let you ‘try before you buy’. That way you can see for yourself and we can build trust together.

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