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TRI at SCOPE 2020


JAN. 17, 2020

Duncan Hall, CEO, is speaking at SCOPE 2020.

As adoption rates of RBQM continue to rise, the conversation is quickly transitioning from ‘why?’ to ‘how?’. In the RBQM adoption surveys run by TRI and other organisations during 2019, operational change management was consistently cited as the biggest barrier to adoption. A key challenge is the creation of an integrated strategic monitoring plan (ISMP). Moving away from routine monitoring and 100% SDV now means that what data will be monitored, how, by who and when must be considered as we focus on what is critical to quality and utilise the power of big data analytics to do much of the ‘heavy lifting’ in monitoring. This presentation will showcase how TRI are helping their customers overcome these challenges and give guidance as to how to build strategic monitoring plans for your organisation.

If you're going to SCOPE and would like to meet the team to discuss any of the points Duncan raises in his speech, or would like some free advice on your specific RBQM challenges, come and see us on booth 114. Alternatively, email and she'll arrange a time for you.

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