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MCC RBQM Interview


Dec. 19, 2019

Keith Dorricott from the MCC interviews Duncan Hall, CEO TRI, and Kristin Stallcup, Senior Director Covance, about all things Risk-Based Quality Management.

In this fascinating hour-long interview, they cover a wide range of topics, including KRIs, QTLs, evolving technology, the Big Data challenge and measuring success.

Split into eight easy-to-listen-to sections, Keith explores the issues and potential solutions with Duncan and Kristin.

Click on the links below and enjoy.

Part 1 - Introductions and Sector Challenges

Part 2 - Technology, People & Processes

Part 3 - Implementation and Change Management

Part 4 - Key Risk Indicators

Part 5 - Study Set-Up

Part 6 - Quality Tolerance Limits

Part 7 - Evolving Technology & the Big Data Challenge

Part 8 - Measuring Success

Please note: The opinions expressed are those of the individual contributors and any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of any organization that provided support for the project.

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