OPRA 5 - Central Monitoring demo - 28 Jan

Central Monitoring is about to become more flexible, functional and efficient than ever before with the all new OPRA 5. Find out how in this free webinar.

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After seven years’ dedicating ourselves to central and risk-based monitoring, TRI are about to launch the most advanced Central Monitoring platform on the market. We have literally rebuilt OPRA from the ground up, based on customer feedback, market, environmental and regulatory needs. In the current environment of reduced human travel and contact, it is TRI’s vision that Central Monitoring is made available to all clinical trials, enabling reduced on-site monitoring and improved quality and patient safety.  The way in which studies are designed, built, monitored, managed and reported on have all been radically changed and improved. 

If you are planning to run clinical trials in 2021 and want to future proof yourself against Covid-19, at the same time as improving quality, safely and efficiency, then this webinar is a must for you. 

Please note - this webinar is for sponsors and CROs only.

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